Friday, May 18, 2012

Knittin' Crap: The World's Most Dangerous Hobby

A web search seems to think the world's most dangerous hobby is cave diving or base jumping, but the warning label1 on the new DPNs2 I got for finger puppets3 might make one think otherwise.

Well, That's No Fun

Or maybe they're not worried about accidental injury to the knitter, but rather by the knitter to the annoying clods she has to deal with on a daily basis so she can get paid and buy more yarn. Speaking hypothetically, of course.

1I'm pretty sure this is the first set of knitting needles I've purchased with a warning label about something other than knitting gauge.
2Double Point Needles
3The old 6" bamboo size US4s I'd been using had an annoying habit of gripping the Berroco Comfort DK too much. These 5" metal needles should move more smoothly and quickly.

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