Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Other: Date of My Last Tetanus Shot

Sept. 21, 2011

So, Monday morning I was walking to the bus stop and this ninja tree root just came out of nowhere and tripped me and I went flying.  I was in the dirt when my bus went by. But after taking inventory, I realized my right knee was butt-ugly, my left elbow was a little scraped, my left palm had taken some impact, but other all parts seemed to be attached and I managed to get to my feet and walk the block home moderately normally.  I washed everything out with soap and water, liberally applied Bactine, and logged back into work.

Yesterday my right knee was stiff and bruised but didn't look like it was about to fall off.  This morning, though, it didn't look any better, and since I was also pretty sure I hadn't had a tetanus booster in this millennium, I made an appointment with the urgent care center and went this afternoon.

The bad news:

  • Yup, it's infected.  The doc gave me a prescription for antibiotics, both oral and topical, in addition to a tetanus booster.

The good news:

  • I didn't faint after the tetanus booster, or even come close, even though the other nurse was scrubbing my tender knee at the same time.  (My last few episodes with medical needles had not ended so well.)
  • I was out of there in an hour.  That's pretty efficient.
  • I took the bus to the pharmacy that's about a mile from home, got my prescriptions, and walked home, stopping at Zankou for a tarna wrap...
  • Where they were having a falafel special.  Mmmm, their falafels are yummy.

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