Saturday, September 24, 2011

Minecraft: Misadventure Update

Minecraft screenshot
There are buttloads of commentaries on the Minecraft 1.8 "Adventure Update" out there, but not mine... until now!

In a nutshell: thumbs down. The hunger/food-no-longer-heals-directly thing is annoying. (There's a mod that reverts back to the old method, and it will probably find its way onto RavWorld.) The additional time it takes to eat and to pull the bow are also annoying. Experience orbs are killing performance for a lot of people; that's more of an implementation catastrophe than a broken feature.

What really gets me, though, is the people who bash on people who don't like the changes. They forget that one of the reasons Minecraft has been so popular among so many different people, from hardcore gamers to people who are usually meh about video games, is that different people enjoy different aspects of the game. Some people like exploring, some people like killing monsters, some people like building grand structures, some people like building mechanisms, and some people like different combinations of the above. So here's my solution to people who don't want to read forums posts from people saying they don't like the changes: don't read the forums. And maybe realize that just because someone else doesn't play the game the way you do doesn't mean their way is less valid, dumbass. As far as they're concerned, someone broke their favorite game.

Other than the hunger thing, most of the changes are cosmetic: new biomes and other landscape features and terrain-generation improvements, plus abandoned mineshafts and strongholds. The things I like are actually small and silly, maybe because they don't break anything else: giant 'shrooms, the "so-and-so died in such-and-such-a-way" messages, and some of the attractive caverns created by the new terrain generation methods.

Minecraft screenshot
Minecraft screenshot

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