Friday, June 4, 2010

News: Total News Backlog, Part 1

Work-From-Home Fridays Let's start with a piece of yassif advice: "Dress for the Office to Increase Telecommuting Productivity". Here's the reality. (And just like Spoon, I'm not even wearing pants.)

  • A wedding I'm sort of glad I didn't go to. I hope they didn't write their own vows, because I cringe to think what they were. (Sad thing is there's a good chance these might have been someone I knew...)
    Funny Wedding Photos - I Love These Nerds
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  • I've been meaning to try this free game called Youdunnit for awhile, but as I don't boot up the old XP box much anymore, I haven't yet. Basically it's like the Prince of Persia movie about the knife that lets you travel back in time, except without Persia and totally non-Persian-and-why-is-a-Persian-faking-an-English-accent-anyway actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Well, actually the only thing in common is the time travel bit, where you have to make your past actions consistent with the present outcome. (Meaning it's completely unlike the Terminator movies.)
  • Cool graphic about how high the $200,000 SpaceShipTwo (which I can't help but think of as the most expensive amusement park ride ever) will actually go. 68 miles up. Just high enough to leave what's considered atmospheric flight altitude. I am underwhelmed. (Granted, I'm also a cynic, but for that much I want to be able to wave to the people in the International Space Station or something.)
  • Boing Boing has an excerpt from, well, an anti-Facebook rant. It highlights just how much many people don't realize the privacy they're giving up. (You're friends with A who is friends with B. You don't want B to know what you're doing. Except B can see your updates through A's page. Oops.)

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