Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Metro Journal: Worst Website Update

I called the TAP customer service number and the nice woman sent me my account username. I was able to log in, and when I entered my TAP card's 16-digit number... it accepted it! Yay!

Now let's see if it will allow me to add a balance to the card... Ok, you'd think that on the list of your registered cards, there would be a direct link so you could add fares to that card right next to the card in question, but no, you have to go to the standard "Fare Product" link, tell it you already have a card, and get taken to a different page.

I really hate poorly-designed websites. If I can't perform a basic operation in three clicks or less, someone is going to hear me whine about. And that someone is you!

Wait, the only products it's showing me are monthly passes. I don't want to add monthly passes to it. I want to pre-load day passes, which I'd been led to believe I could do. Geez, it looks like if you want to add a plain cash balance, you have to go to one of their sales outlets? WTF? And there's not even a way to search for the one closest to you. You have to page through the list, and they only display 7 at a time! This is so stupid, I could cry!

Ok, it looks like my local Ralphs is on the retail vendor list. (I had to hit the "next" button about six zillion times to find it.) I still don't know if they can add straight value to the card, but I'll try to see if I can get a clearer answer from them than I can from the TAP website.

FAQ entry:
How do I add another pass and/or value to my TAP card?
You can purchase passes online by clicking on the Fare Products page. Passes are also available at TAP Sales Locations.
Um, that didn't really answer the question, did it, at least about the "value" bit. And it doesn't mention that the passes you can get on the Fare Products page are only monthly passes.

I would totally send them a detailed list of all the ways their site sucked if I thought it might actually get it fixed and if I didn't think I would just have a total nervous breakdown in the process.

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