Sunday, June 28, 2009

Knittin' Crap: The Neverending Blanket Is Done!

The Finished Squares Blanket After two years of working on I'm-not-going-to-count-how-many squares, having to buy more Tahki Cotton Classic, made more difficult because I didn't write the color numbers down and they only make the yarn in almost 130 colors, and getting all kinds of help from Spoon, it is finally done. The infamous Squares Blanket.

Finishing a long-overdue project is a little like coming home after a really long road trip. The last few miles seem the longest.

I went on a "finish-this-now-or-die" spree last week. I finally seemed to have enough squares to finish to the size I wanted and the blanket was about 75% assembled. I ended up having to make a few squares to fill in gaps, I almost got a blister from nearly-non-stop crocheting with a cheap metal hook because I couldn't find my more comfortable Clover E hook anywhere, and I started getting, well, a little crazy. Plus working on a blanket in 90+ degree heat, I had to get in some uncomfortable positions to work on the blanket without getting covered by it. Not to mention all the feline "help."

Spoon Loves That Blanket

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Fluzz said...

amazing! Well done you.