Thursday, October 30, 2008

Other: Fallout 3 Report to Brad

I just sat down to install Fallout 3 and it installed, but it won't start because it "can't initialize renderer." I assume because I have a crappy embedded graphics card that's not on the supported chipset list.


Oh, wait, that was the super cheap PCI card that I had bought because at the time FreeBSD didn't have drivers for the on-board one.

fiddles with BIOS settings...

Windows is giving me the finger now. "Bitch, you told me a long time ago not to use that display adapter!" It was showing just a little too much loyalty to the old one there, no matter how many times I tried changing the Display settings and/or rebooted, until I just out-and-out disabled the crappy adapter. Geez.

Yay! It likes the other card! Of course, when it auto-detects to set the video options, it goes for "Low Quality." *cough* But it starts! Um, scratch that. It gets farther than before, then crashes. Crap.

And Bethesda doesn't have any patches up, yet.

ETA: I think it's because while the chipset of the on-board card is supported, it only has 128Mb of RAM (and it uses system RAM :P). I may have to cave and get a decent card.

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