Saturday, June 28, 2008

Metro Journal: June 28 Sleepcommuting

I needed to get in earlier because today was the exam day. The earlier Commuter Express still had seats left. I sat next to a man who was clearly dead to the world. I always wonder about people who sleep on buses. Do they ever miss their stops? I kind of wonder why I don't see some of them wearing signs. "Wake me for 3rd and Flower." This guy seems to have gotten off at the right stop, which was before mine.

I got stopped at the Green Line/Blue Line junction again for a ticket. When I got to the top of the platform, I got to wave bye-bye to the back end of the Green Line as it pulled away. Another one came about 5 minutes later, though.

The exam was timed, so we were kicked out before 3. I was pretty zoned. And again at the Green Line/Blue Line junction, sheriffs were checking tickets.

I got to the Commuter Express stop about 5 minutes before the first scheduled bus at 4:05. Not much else happened. Or I was too out of it to notice.

Some statistics for the week:

Number of Metro Rail rides: 20
Number of times I had my ticket checked for Metro Rail: 3
Number of folding bikes I saw on Metro Rail: 2
Number of times I managed to catch the Commuter Express in the afternoon: 2
Likelihood I would ever want to commute from my current home to El Segundo on a regular basis using public transportation, unless something changes drastically: 0

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