Sunday, June 28, 2015

Knittin' Crap: SFAC April 2015

Huh, I didn't get much done in May, because I was too busy changing, uh, assignments. Back on Earth. You know...
Diplomatic - Craft something representing language. Incorporate “words” with colorwork, cables, lace, texture, or repeating motifs.While humans generally expect written language to encode its meaning in different shapes, meaning can be encoded in other ways. I have fabricated an example where the shapes of the written symbols are identical, but the meanng comes from difference in color gradients. Such a subtlety may be lost to Doctor Chaotica and Captain Proton in their monochrome world, but for the cadets, it will force them to see meaning in ways they are not used to.
The Brig - Releasing those lollygaggers who finally made good.This month I’m releasing two prisoners for the price of one:
Redstone Torch

Chucks pattern by Suzanne Resaul

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