Monday, January 5, 2015

Knittin' Crap: SFAC December 2014

This month, our surprise visitor was the avaricious Ferengi Quark.

Diplomatic: Craft a gift to show good will to one of the negotiating parties.Yellow lilies are thought by some to represent merriment and joy. As this Quark seems to be trying to get everyone to have “fun” by plying us all with what I strongly suspect is non-synthehol liquor and encouraging us play these games designed around gambling, I bio-replicated some yellow lilies to represent the mood.
Medical: Craft something that demonstrates the effects of a food or drug on different species taking part in the negotiations.I took this bioluminescent vine from Alpha Beta Prime and genetically modified it to detect the presence of certain neuroactive substances, at which point that will light up. We can use it to decorate the chairs and tables where it will simply look like part of the decor.
Note the following holographs which show the flowers lighting up when some otherwise undetected compound is present:
Pimp my scooter phase I
While here it remains unlit in the presence of my totally-not-neuroactive invasive quadrupeds:
Pimp my scooter phase I
Pimp my scooter phase I
Tactical: Craft something to help keep up with the stream of information (an AI assistant, a discreet lie detector, etc.)This basket was designed both to carry Starfleet PADDs and to automate the pre-processing and upload into Starfleet data banks of the information they carried. However, someone in the Starfleet Engineering Quartermaster’s office apparently decided to change the specifications of their Chroma Data Cables without telling us, so the basket failed to meet the specifications.
Sad Basket with Cat Butt

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