Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Knittin' Crap: SFAC November 2013

Yeah, so, apparently we all got captured by the Borg. Big suck.

Engineering - Craft something to help you stay unnoticed in the Borg cube.While wearing this light gray covering, it should be easier to walk among the Borg. In a pinch, the wearer can meld into a panel of wiring to hide.
Twisted Pull
Medical - Craft something to help you return to your normal pre-Borg self or hold on to your individuality.I can’t think of anything that screams anti-Borg more than a deep pink, fuzzy mohair garment. Hence, my mission report:
Mohair T
Science - Craft a part of the Borg Queen’s new body.While the Borg are busy changing the environmental controls to raise the temperature to their liking, I thought the Borg Queen would appreciate this head gear to warm her cranial circuits. Little does she realize, it is made of a self-reversing material that will entrap her!
Brioche Hat
Brioche Hat
Brioche Hat
Shuttle - Make a decorative item representing a holiday from your homeworld.While this sphere might normally not evoke notice from a Borg, the gold and red are quite festive indeed!

En Pointe Pullover pattern by Alice Tang
Mohair T-Shirt pattern by Lisa Myers
Brioche Hat pattern by Kevin Norton
Bauble pattern by Suzanne Strachan

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