Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Knittin' Crap: SFAC JJA Tour

What with moving and starting a new job, I was woefully lax in my Starfleet duties, only managing a handful of missions during the June/July/August tour.

June BrigThis prisoner served a long and well-deserved sentence. The first time I thought it was finally ready for release, it turned out to be completely too large, with mysterious repeats that shouldn’t have been there. I had to start over from the beginning! This time, however, it meets the release requirements:
Moebius vest
June Shuttle Mission (got zapped into a temporal rift and popped out in early August for points): Crochet a bag that represents your family, chosen or blood.This bag represents my family’s love of cats, particularly my father’s affection for the Siamese breed.
Siamese Cat bag
June Science Mission - Craft a gift for either the Romulans or the Klingons based on your research.As a gift for the Romulans, I have created this miniature hologram of Mr Spock, as a celebration of his work toward peace between the Federation and Romulan Empire.
Spock SFAC prize
July BrigThese prisoners were supposed to record my visit last month to Regulus V, but the report was delayed, so they had to be held for questioning! Requesting release now that the report is finished!
SFAC Afghan squares June
August BrigThis prisoner was supposed to report for a mission last month, but she spent too much time doing her hair and thus was late for duty. Her hair is done and she’s ready for action now, though!
August Medical Mission - Craft something that represents the time distortion that we are experiencing by crafting something multi-colored. The time distortion somehow affected not only the color wavelengths of this thermal wrap but also seems to have caused the top and bottom edges to become vastly different lengths.
Coquille Shawl
August Science Mission - Craft something ‘disguised’ to look like another object.This device may look like a flower, but it is actually a monitoring device that can be discreetly fastened in one’s hair.

Crochet Overlap Vest pattern by Aya Kasama (笠間綾)
Siamese Cat Crochet Block pattern by Melody Griffiths
Coquille Shawl pattern by Mary Lou Egan
Crochet flower from 238 Best Lace Motif Pattners

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