Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Knittin' Crap: SFAC April 2013

Command: Choose one of the founding civilizations of the Federation and craft something that illustrates their uniqueness, or how their influence has shaped the Federation.In homage to that most blue-blooded of founding species, the Andorians, I present this fibrous river of navy blue:
Multi-dimensional Scarf
Diplomatic: Craft something to represent a species’ communication style or negotiating skills.The Andorian subspecies, the Aenar, thought until only a couple centuries ago to be a myth even among Andorians, have very powerful telepathic abilities. This mission represents their ability to transmit brain waves across relatively large distances.
Foothill Summit
Foothill Summit
I believe the invasive quadrupeds on the Kitchener have revealed their true mission. This one appears to be intercepting the Aenarian brainwaves:
Spoon reaches the summit!
Medical: Choose a non-Terran species and craft something that represents how their physiology differs from that of the people of Earth.Without going into details (this is a family vessel, after all), the plant-based Phylosians have a method of reproduction that vastly differs from humans. They, um, flower, like so:
Science: Improve our ability to communicate complex scientific information: Challenge yourself in learning a new skill. Do you only knit? Perhaps try crochet – or spinning, tatting, or naal-binding. Alternatively, try an advanced technique in your preferred fiber art form.For this mission, I created this regulation headband. I was looking for a way to protect against the effects of certain neutrinos on brain waves and decided to investigate an old fabrication technique called “broomstick crochet.” The loops are highly effective at redirecting errant neutrinos.
Broomstick Crochet Headband
Tactical: Choose a culture whose tactical skills you admire - or think it important we study - and craft something to represent them.I look back to 23rd century Earth for someone who was always ready for a fight to protect his ship or crewmates or, in particular, a damsel in distress: Starfleet Lt. Pavel Chekov. Chekov never pulled his punches, particularly if said damsel was attractive. While he may have had a fiery temper, he could rein it in out of respect to his superior officers.
Chekov - The 5th Beatle
Afghan Challenge: Bajor IVI have fabricated squares which represent the new path Bajor is forging:
SFAC April 2013 Afghan Squares

Summit pattern by Mandie Harrington
Doily pattern from Lace Best Patterns 238

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