Thursday, April 4, 2013

Knittin' Crap: The Lump of Angry Coal

I keep retelling this story, so I figured I'd record it for once and for all and point people to the post.

Lump of Coal
So, at some point, I kept wondering who let the 12-year-old onto the SA IRC channel at work. Seriously. To express my, um, approval rating for the 12-year-old, whom we shall call "JE," I made a lump of coal. As the 12-year-old was at corp HQ and I was in some belittled satellite office, I asked my sr. director if he would deliver something to "JE" and handed him the lump of coal. And he promptly said, "Oh, cool, it's an Angry Bird!" "Huh?" Now, he was only recently my sr. director, so I was not yet at the stage where I felt comfortable to lecture him on how, if I had meant to make an Angry Bird, there would be no confusion whatsoever over whether it was an Angry Bird or a lump of coal. (Most people have enough sense never to get to that stage. I'm not one of those people.) So I made a mental note...

Discombobulated Avian
...and a few months later, presented the sr. director with what is undeniably an Angry Bird rip-off. He put it on his desk and was apparently so attached that the first time I resigned, the first question out of his mouth was whether I was going to take the bird with me or not. (I'm not there anymore, but I'm pretty sure the bird is.)

Back to the 12-year-old. At the request of someone-who-shall-remain-nameless-because-he-turned-out-to-be-a-misplacer-of-my-uber-puppets, I made a "JE" finger puppet:
The Officially Unlicensed JE Fingerpuppet

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