Thursday, October 18, 2012

Other: Possessed Baked Goods!

We ate lunch near Porto's today, so afterward we walked over and got some baked goods. Porto's is a very popular LA-area bakery with a couple locations. Little did we know (and maybe it's just a Halloween promotion!), their baked goods are possessed...

Timeline of events:
  • Approximately 1:30PM: My boss raves about the potato balls.
  • Approximately 3PM: My boss says the potato balls had kicked his ass.
  • 5:13PM: I announce on our IRC channel that the mango empanada on my desk is calling my name.
  • 5:14PM: My boss tells me empanadas can't talk
  • 5:14PM: I reply, "but potato balls can kick your ass? huh?"
  • 5:14PM: He replies, yes.
  • 5:30PM: We ask Samir if he ate his cupcake. He said he had tried to save it, but he ate it hours ago because "it was staring at me."
Possessed, I tell you...

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