Monday, August 20, 2012

Knittin' Crap: Starfleet, Tour 2, Tactical Missions

Shelter is one of the first things we need to get underway. Since we are unaware of the weather conditions on this planet, we should be prepared for anything. Next, we really need to find food. We can do all we want in trying to get off this planet, gathering will comprise the majority of our efforts toward survival. (Once we build a shelter, it’s pretty much done; but we’ll always be needing more food).

Finally, we need to exercise responsible resource management. We must use what we have wisely: While we are trapped on the surface of this planet, sources of new materials are few and far between.

Choose either Option A or Option B.

Option A is a tiered option. Tiered missions must be completed in order; so to move on to the beta mission, you must complete the alpha mission, and to complete the gamma mission, you must complete both beta and alpha. Option A is intended to be ONE large project. It also needs to take a considerable amount of time (more than a month) to complete, similar to Special Assignments.

Tier Mission Requirements My report
α: Create the “building blocks” of a project by gathering your materials and swatching. I have completed the formulation of the fabric prototype for this special garment, designed to help protect us from the strange light radiation we find on this planet.
Ravelwhatsit Project
Details: This is a pullover from a Japanese pattern book (no English and our Universal Translators seem to be on the fritz).

The front section has interlocking bias sections worked by picking up stitches, all done in one piece, to form a zigzag. The pattern is written for one size only, 88cm (34.5”) which, uh, is a bit too small for me. I’ve used a thicker yarn than called for, but to get a fabric I like, my gauge isn’t that much of a improvement -- I get fewer stitches per inch, but more rows per inch. The back and sleeves, knitted flat in stockinette and reverse stockinette, will be fine with the stitch count, and I can simply add rows, but the front is a little more complicated. I plan to increase the stitch and row counts of the bias sections proportionally. Crossing fingers.

The original pattern calls for 1050m (about 1150yd) of yarn. I have 1250yd minus the swatch, which probably won’t be enough. Given that the resulting knit fabric is pretty lightweight, I am considering making it short-sleeved so I can get more wear in the temperate climate in which I live, which would also mean I will probably have enough yarn.

Oh, and this is my Ravellenic Games entry, so given how busy my job is right now, this will be a major challenge to complete. I may take a couple staycation days.

And my cat disagreed with my assessment of the materials I would need, and so added herself to the pile:
Ravelwhatsit Project
ETA: My other cat came by later and usurped the entire project plan:
Spoon's Project Plan
Looks like I’ll be having an awful lot of “help.” I may never finish :P
β: Actually craft the project you gathered materials and swatched for. I have completed the components for the personal radiation shield, and begun assembly, although I did not manage to complete assembly in time for the Intergalactic Whatsit Games.
Almost there, but not quite
γ: Finish your project by weaving ends in, felting it, blocking it, etc. After having to make numerous alterations to the generic standard Starfleet personal radiation shield to get it to work with the materials on hand, making 3 sleeves in case I grew a 3rd arm because I did not have a working personal radiation shield, and having to redo the neck portal stabilization as the material’s wave function kept turning in on itself, I present my completed tactical mission:
Rav Games FO

Pullover pattern adapted from original by りょう (Ryo)

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