Monday, April 9, 2012

Knittin' Crap: Life of a Red Shirt

Saturday: Faceless Red Shirt #1 comes into being.
Monday morning: Bring Red Shirt #1 to office. RS#1 narrowly escapes encounter with desktop creeper:
Red Shirt!
Monday, throughout the day: I learn to type while wearing a finger puppet.
Monday afternoon: My boss3 asks if I have a Star Trek finger puppet handy. I say yes and produce Red Shirt #1. He asks if he can borrow him this week for his trip to headquarters for a meeting with his boss. I say ok.
Monday, 5 minutes later: I start to wonder if Red Shirt #1 will come back in one piece, or have a giant scorch mark on its chest.
Monday, late afternoon: I miss the nameless, faceless Red Shirt #1 already.

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