Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spoonerisms: That Darned Cat! Redux

Today was a Very Long Day. Crap broke at work, so I effectively worked 11 hours straight, yes, counting the time on the bus both ways where I was either online or IMing about work from my phone or on a conference call. So the last thing I need when I finally walk in the door is Dipity going the other way. So of course that's what happened.

I went and checked on her a couple times over the first hour and a half, but didn't push it too hard since it was still relatively early and the fact that she hadn't been fed before her escape and that it was getting very chilly out would only work in my favor. I was not, however, prepared to hear her making pathetic noises outside my front door. She has never in the half dozen or more times she has escaped in the 1½ years since she showed up come back to my apartment on her own. And, actually, when I opened the door, she wasn't there. But I heard the pathetic mews from downstairs and I called her up and she came! And she came in on her own! And after she ate, she got on my lap and gave me some loving.

So, in the end, this dark cloud had a silver lining. And some enormous blue eyes.

Monster Blue Eyes

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