Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Knittin' Crap: 2 Sweaters, 16 Days

Ravelympics Cardigan
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I finished the cardigan about 7½ hours before Ravelympics officially ended Sunday at 11:59PM PST. That means I made two entire sweaters from start to finish in a 16-day period. The last day of work was hard. I was burned out. You have to understand, while I do finish about at least 95% of the projects I start, I don't usually finish them in a week. Or even a month. Sometimes it takes years. One sweater in 8 straight days? Quite an accomplishment for me. Another sweater in the following 8 days? Insane. I mean, it's nice to have finished sweaters, boom!, but it lessens the drawn out anticipation. I have lots of works-in-progress because I like the variety and expectation.

(I did learn that I just need to start as a matter of course making the armholes in Japanese patterns bigger. Even though the bust sizes fit, there's something weird about my shoulders. They aren't broad and they aren't muscular, but the height of them, the circumference if you measured around the armpit to the top of the shoulder and back, seems to be a tad larger than whatever passes for normal for Japanese knitters.)

Anyway, so if I look cranky or dazed in that last picture, which I took yesterday, just remember, I was coming off of 16 days of knitting psychosis. (BTW, the cardigan is a double medalist, both in the sweater category, and in the multiple techniques category for the knitted body and crocheted spiky edging.)

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