Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sunshine State Part 2

I forgot to mention certain little things... Like how I forgot to bring cds to listen to in my rental car. And the only station I can even vaguely tolerate for 3 days/4 nights was the classic rock station... which played the eponymous song "Bad Company" all 3 days while I was in the car. You know what's sad? Singing along to Journey. That's really sad.

Note to self: Don't forget cds. The mp3 player is only helpful on the plane.

My parents' desktop computer is painfully slow. I turned off a bunch of start-up crap, which makes it boot faster, but it gets bogged down and pegs the RAM quickly. When I go there next time, I will have a new 1Gb DIMM to stick in memory slot, thereby increasing the RAM by 150%.

Note to self: Don't forget the RAM. (I ordered more for my sluggish computer while I was at it.)

My mother had set up a hospital bed in the family room for my father. His cat, Bandit, would spend the nights sleeping between my father's legs, after taking a leisurely bath. We had to take my father back to the ER the morning after I got there. My mother spent the night at the hospital with him, but I went back to the house. Bandit was still getting up at the foot of the hospital bed, even though my father wasn't in it. I can't tell who misses the other more.

Note to self: Don't forgot to stop and pet your own kitties, who comfort you when you need it, too.

Some dumbass woman in the row across from me on the flight back from Florida to DFW was arguing with the flight attendant about how she didn't need to turn her iPhone off before take-off because it was in "airplane mode." Bitch, what part of "TURN OFF ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES FOR TAKE-OFF" did you not understand? I was getting ready to climb over 3 people to smack her upside the head. It would have been so worth it. And how stupid is it to be arguing with the flight attendant anyway? I would have confiscated the damned phone for the duration of the flight.

Note to self: Don't get your ass put on the no-fly terrorized-dumbass-passengers-who-need-their-iPhones-shoved-up-their-asses list. It's a long drive to Florida.

The flight from DFW to Burbank was probably only about half full. I had the window seat in the 3-seat side of the aisle. No one had the other two seats. Finally, I could lie down on my side and actually sleep, something I have trouble doing on my back and halfway upright. All in all, it wasn't a horrible flight experience. The planes were pretty much all on time, give or take 5 minutes. My luggage didn't get lost. I only wanted to smack two other passengers.

Note to self: Flying doesn't always have to suck. Sometimes just the reasons for it do.

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